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As Was Templates Work in eBay Mobile

Monday, May 9th, 2011

I’m often asked if As Was templates work in eBay mobile versions. There are two main ways to access eBay from your mobile phone. One is to go to eBay from your mobile browser, which will push you to a mobile-friendly website version of eBay. The other is to shop eBay from your phone’s app. For example, I use Android, so this would be the Android app.

Let’s start with a sample As Was template. We did this one YEARS ago… probably 2007. So how does it hold up in a new, mobile world? Click to enlarge to see the original, which is a screen shot from a regular computer screen.

For mobile web, eBay is stripping out all design, and just reading text information. That means your As Was template will be gone, but all the wording in it will be there. A screen shot from my Android phone (Dolphin browser, not the native Android browser) looks like this (click to enlarge):

The picture that eBay knew was “picture 1″ was there. All the policies that were fed to eBay were there. And then eBay stripped out any design and most of the HTML to show just this text. You’ll recognise that it’s the description text as well as text it pulled from our policy sections.

How about the phone apps? When I pulled this item up in the Official Android eBay Application, it looked just like the web. Full template. Nothing stripped. In fact, the links worked. I clicked on her item picture, and got a window with just the item picture.

So the templates look and work fine. We write clean, hand-coded HTML. So it’s always a shame when the template is stripped out :), but at least you know that the main info will still show up.

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