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eBay Stores and SEO

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

We’ve received a bunch of inquiries lately from people who want us to design their eBay Stores and help them with eBay SEO. When I ask for clarification, they often reply that they want to use our “program” for getting to the top of eBay search.

When I see this many emails asking the same thing, I can only assume some new scammy person is telling people they need to get a program for their eBay SEO. So let’s look at the truth here.

  1. No matter who you hire, we NEVER suggest just designing an eBay Store. That’s not where the sale is made or killed. The sale happens on your listing, so money is best spent designing and organising listings. You can design your Store, but people might never see it. You don’t have to shop someone’s eBay Store to search eBay, find items, and buy one. Do an eBay Store design to match a listing template, but I wouldn’t spend money just designing an eBay Store as it won’t pay off as much as you think.
  2. eBay has mostly killed SEO especially for Stores. You can see this by searching products you like on Google. Search for a car part. A dress. An iPod. Do you see any eBay Stores coming up in Google search results? Probably not. You might see one link to all matching items on eBay, but I haven’t seen a link to an eBay Store in years.
  3. Getting to the top of eBay search results is something you earn, not something you buy. And it’s not something you can “game” either. It’s not like if you type NEW twice, you will end up higher than the person who typed NEW once. There aren’t really tricks that work anymore. Follow eBay’s rules and suggestions.
  4. If you are putting time, effort, or money into SEO, why send people to eBay? eBay is a place where you have lots of competition. Some of it is direct (people who sell what you sell) and some may not be direct (people who win your shopper’s money because they decide to buy something they stumble on). Why create competition for yourself? If you are driving traffic, drive them to your own website. Period. Set up an eCommerce website like Volusion (we can design the heck out of it), and drive people there.
  5. The same is true for driving people from outside of eBay to your eBay Store… like having your dot com point to your eBay Store. Instead of giving eBay more customers, keep those customers for yourself. Setting up and running a shopping website just keeps getting cheaper, so you ahve no excuse to NOT do it! Keep your customers and focus on connecting with them through your own website (and then other good marketing ideas).

Yes, As Was can do wonderful designs! We have a great reputation for increasing eBay sellers’ businesses. But that’s because we focus on the listing where the shopper decides if he/she wants your item or not. We focus secondarily on the Store. And we don’t bother with eBay SEO. We focus more on your website (which we can also design) and the SEO you should be focusing on there.

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