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Shipping prices change and we change with it!

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Shipping prices never go down do they? It has been all over the news that a first class stamp has risen to $0.46 but what seems to be MISSING from most reports is that shipping internationally has more than doubled in some instances.

So lets look at the headlines:

On average, sending packages via Express Mail will cost sellers around 5.8% more than it does now, just over 6.3% more if they go with Priority Mail, 9% more when they choose Parcel Select and 3% more if they opt for First-Class Package Service.

It doesn’t sound like much, until you look at the predicted inflation for this next year is set at around 2.3%.

But lets look at those international rate increases. Don’t read on if you have history of a heart condition and happen to sell on eBay internationally….

Priority Mail international has risen by 15.1%, but don’t worry Express Mail International has only increased by 13.2%.

However, to pretend the world isn’t ending USPS are RENAMING their most popular service (First-Class Mail International) to First-Class Package International Service™ to hide the fact that these rates are effectively doubling across some weight bands. Across the board the increase here is 60%, but for the 3-7oz weight band more like 100%.

But lets take a look at how competitive these rates are globally before we start writing letters or reaching for the defibrillator!

So I sell an item of clothing and pack it up to send to the UK. The Brits have had postal rises too, they know our pain and might be a bit more comparative. My item is 0.5lbs and with a flat rate envelope/box the cost is $23.95 international priority, 6-10 business days.

So, lets look at the price on the way back from the UK to the US. I picked Airmail Small Packets by Royal Mail, takes about the same time and it costs £4.98! (approx $7.81)

Well, hold on there…the British are patient, I will send it through this renamed First-Class Package International Service™ it only costs $12.75 and as the USPS website states one of it’s key features is that ‘Delivery time varies by destination‘ – really? Who thought that would sell this service!

So if you sell on eBay please make sure you adjust your international shipping prices, as mistakes here could effect your bottom line. Feeling that these changes will hurt your eBay business? Make your listings work harder and smarter for you by speaking to us about eBay design. We don’t bite and haven’t raised our prices for 2013!

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