Take Pics of eBay Items Before You Return Them

Tuesday, 4 May 2010 at 5:33 am Pacific USA Time.

I bought a spare battery on eBay. Based on the mAh, it should have lasted twice as long as my standard battery. I got the battery. I tried it out. I was lasting about the same as my standard battery. It was some off-brand, so maybe that explains it not really living up to the claimed time.

I contacted the seller. He was willing to take it back and give me a refund. OK that sounds great. He sent a UPS return label. Also very nice! Didn't have to. He sent me an email asking me to please give him very high ratings because he is trying so hard to make me happy. I thought it was a shame that he felt he had to say that. I said of course I'd give you good ratings… you are helping me out.

I returned the battery. A week later, I get a phone call from the seller, and then an email. They tell me they got the battery back, they gave me a full refund (which was in my PayPal account, so it was true), but I sent back a badly damaged battery that they cannot resell. The email said that they knew I resell to my customers, and they thought I would want to know.

I was surprised. I don't resell. I used that battery. I told him that in my email when I wanted to return it. And I didn't think I had damaged the battery! The battery went from my desk to the couch… that's about it around here! I emailed telling him that I do not resell, and I would like pictures of this badly damaged battery.

He emailed back with two pictures. The battery looks scuffed and badly used. I didn't think it looked that way, but can't prove it. Note to self, take a zillion pictures of things before you send them back. The email with the pictures came with an email asking me how I could do this to him.

Excuse me? How could I do this to him? Like I planned to get a crappy battery, send it back scuffed up, and be a jerk?

He thinks that I purposefully sent him back a damaged battery? And what do I gain from that?! You couldn't ask me if I saw that the battery looked badly used? And if this is so damaged you can't sell it, why did you refund me in full? Why not refund me like $20 or nothing? If my return doesn't fit into your return policy, you don't have to refund me!!!

I sent a pretty angry email. I thought it was pretty jerky of him to accuse me of that. Why not ASK me? Why not show the pictures and tell me they can't refund any or all of it? I really don't like being accused of things I didn't do. Don't treat me like a jerk until I act like a jerk. If he had emailed me and said it was too damaged to give me the return, and I saw the pictures, I would have had to go with what he's saying and not have gotten a refund.

I won't say how this ended, but I sure wish I had taken a video of the item in great detail, and then me sealing it up in the box. I even had all of his original packaging.

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