Tuesday, 20 May 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

For the most part, I just don’t like tattoos. I don’t get most of them. I can appreciate the artistry of some of the better ones, but the message of many of them… well, sometimes it’s unsettling.

I was in a tattoo parlour recently. A house guest we had from out of town wanted to get a tattoo. I’m the chauffeur, and we went down to watch the last hour of the work being done. We spent some of our time looking around all the samples and artwork hanging around the shop. Here are some things I don’t get that people evidently tattoo on them.

* A heart with MOM on it. It’s just too Oedipal for my tastes.

* Messages about being hopeless. "Only Jesus can save me," "Only God will judge me," and other things with praying hands in handcuffs. If tattoos area reminders of things, why keep reminding yourself about feeling hopeless or un-redeemable.

* Images of children in sexual situations. I kid you not. One sample tattoo hanging up said, "JAILBAIT," in big letters. Above that was a drawing of a teenage girl wearing WAY too much makeup, and wearing a half shirt hoisted up to reveal large, bare breasts. On one side of this girl was a baby bottle, and on the other side was a teddy bear.

WHO THE HELL GETS THAT TATTOOED ON THEM? And is this person a father to daughters? What the HELL. Why is something like that even allowed? If we arrest people for having child porn, can we arrest someone for having a tattoo that seems to celebrate sexual relations with minors?

I just don’t get tattoos.

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