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Thursday, 20 September 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

We hired! Welcome Michelle (and welcome Erika from our July hiring). I’m sure we’ll be hiring again soon. But how did we do it this time? Reading resumes on Monster.

I was finding that people who were finding our job posting and reading it all decided they were perfect for the job… even if they lacked half of the skills I said were musts. So I decided to pay for a 2-week national resume search on Monster without posting my job. I would look at resumes, and see who I thought were a match.

I ended up emailing around 35 people about the job. Some ended up not knowing enough Photoshop or HTML. Some ended up not knowing enough English (we do copy writing for clients, so a fluent and native command of English is a must). Some didn’t want to leave their current job. A bunch work for eBay right now. Some of them were interested in the job. Some currently work for other eBay Certified Providers right now. Some work for big PowerSellers.

Most never wrote me back. Their loss. :)

I ultimately offered the job to Michelle and one other person. They were both fantastic in so many ways, and we are so busy that I was ready to hire both. The other person didn’t want to make a change just yet, so maybe we’ll have him on board at some point.

So welcome Michelle as our new Account Manager. Thank you, I found some really good people, and I would use Monster again. Now everybody go to Monster and update your resume please.

Actually, another thing to note about Monster is that they mark your resume by when you posted it. So if you first put your resume in Monster a year ago, even if you updated it yesterday, it’s considered to be a resume that was submitted a year ago. People like me have to tell Monster to search all resumes no matter when they were submitted. But the default on that search is 1 month I think, so people who JUST put their resumes into Monster have an edge I guess.

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