The Body Shop Goes Avon/Mary Kay

Wednesday, 22 August 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Last weekend, I went to a small business meetup in town, and met Graciela. She is a consultant for The Body Shop. She will come to my house with her kit, show me different items, explain what will be best for my skin, and show me how to use them. Of course, she’ll sell me Body Shop products.

However, like many pyramid things, I am wary of them in general. I’m not sure about a business where people make more money by bringing other people into the business than they do by selling what the business is about. I’m never a fan of that, but that’s what these businesses are. You evidently make more money when you create local competition for youself. Whateva!

They are also looking to do the Tupperware Party type of thing where you have friends over to see and buy the products. I’m not into trying to make money off my friends that way, but some people like that. So that’s an option too for those who like that.

I don’t have to go to the mall anymore for Body Shop products. That sounds good to me, so I like this idea. I used to buy a lot of Body Shop products in the 1990’s. I still buy a few, but I mostly stopped because I didn’t find them conveniently located. If it helps the Body Shop sell more, be more profitable, and expland themselves, then good for them.

Graciela was very nice, and she can talk to anybody in the country about joining her team. I thought this was interesting, and I said I’d plug her on the internet. So you can contact her on her website.

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