The iPad Is the New Coach Handbag

Monday, 5 April 2010 at 4:49 am Pacific USA Time.

You can all stop asking. I won't be getting an iPad. The AT&T Store tried to sell me one for $629. I'm a happy Sprint customer, and had walked in just to learn more about it. I learned that it costs what a laptop costs… or what a really nice M-AUDIO costs… or nearly what I pay in rent for a month. :)

I kind of don't get it. It won't replace my cell phone as it's not pocket-sized. It won't replace my MP3 player for similar reasons. It won't replace my laptop (or a netbook or UMPC I might someday own) because it doesn't have a keyboard and I don't think it runs Photoshop or Dreamweaver.Which means that in my world, there is nothing the iPad does that makes me productive. If I can't be productive, I can't find a reason to buy it.

CNET puts it really well with their top 5 reasons to NOT get an iPad video:

CNET's top 5 reasons to get the iPad focus on music, video, and gaming. Well, if you want to do that, and just that since this doesn't multitask, then there ya go.

One of my clients is absolutely sure he's getting one. I asked him what he plans to do with it. "Surf the web." I asked if he has a laptop. He does. But he says the battery life isn't that great, and why should he walk upstairs to get his power cord. He can leave his laptop upstairs, unused and plugged in, and downstairs, he can "surf the web" on his iPad.

So he's going to pay $500+ to NOT walk upstairs to get a power cord. I asked him why he doesn't buy a spare power cord on eBay… it's probably $20. Then he can have one upstairs and one downstairs. Nope, he didn't like that idea. He's paying to not walk up stairs. What happened to us, America?!

You can read books on the iPad. OK, I can read books that are smaller than an iPad, so you just made my book-reading experience larger and possibly heavier.

This is starting to remind me of smokers. You see smokers outside in negative temperatures, usually under-dressed, just to smoke that cigarette. Why do they do it? I think even they're not totally sure. The iPad is a great "gadget" and people are excited about it, so 3 cheers to Apple's marketing team for doing it again. But when it comes to something that's really useful compared to what else you could own for $500-700, I'm just not seeing it.

This just doesn't seem like a logical purchase for anybody I know. I'm thinking this is the new Coach handbag. There are many things a woman can use to carry stuff around. It doesn't have to be a pocketbook that costs hundreds or thousands. BUT, if you're looking to say something about yourself, then you buy the Coach handbag. I get my bags at mountain climbing stores and military surplus stores, but anybody who knows me knows that I'm function over form every day. It better do a lot and cost me $40. :)

Maybe it's a status thing. Like all the cool kids will have an iPad, you have to get one too. It's cool and you want it. Apple are genius, but I won't be buying their products until they are way more useful. I don't have an iPhone and I don't want one. I had an iPod Touch for an hour, and returned it when I realised it could only run one app at a time.

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3 Responses to “The iPad Is the New Coach Handbag”

  1. permacrisis says:

    500 smackeroos, that’s TWO Netbooks! Or 2 years of 3 meg internet!
    That’s nothing- wait’ll you see his next purchase… a $2,000 Acorn stairlift!

  2. NullApps says:

    I may get one of these but it won’t be something I actually use if I do.
    My question is what are you going to do about the iPod Touch now that it has been announced that it will begin multitasking this summer?

  3. I’m going to continue not owning an iPod Touch. As for small portable things that play lots of apps, I’m likely to do two things later this year:
    1) Get an Android phone. Love my Windows phone, but Android is probably a good fit for me.
    2) Get a tablet netbook. I am looking at 7″ tablets and netbooks that run full Windows. That would make it similar in size to the iPad, but way more functional since I could run Photoshop, build web pages, etc… They’re around $800 now, so it’s only a bit more than the iPad.
    I had only been looking at the iPod Touch thinking I was missing out on app I could be using while out and about that would make me more productive… like tracking flights and listening to Rhapsody, Well, I can certainly do that from a small Windows tablet!