The Dry Erase Board That Doesn’t

Wednesday, 16 November 2005 at 8:37 am Pacific USA Time.

Who is it who said you should do one thing and do it well? That’s the story of a dry erase board certainly. It only has to do one thing. Let people completely erase things they wrote with special pens.

I bought a dry erase board from Office Max. Wrote all over it. Tried to erase a few things a few days later, and it didn’t erase. You’d think they’d work that out at some point in development.

I exchanged it today. I grabbed the same type of board. We opened it at the store, and it didn’t erase either. !!!!!

I ended up with a bigger board, and that DID erase. It was the same brand, so I have no idea what happened with the smaller board. Beware of the Quartet brand from Office Max. Some of them just DON’T erase!

That’s bad marketing! I only need my dry erase boards to do ONE thing.

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