The Good Omen of the ThinkPad Laptop

Friday, 22 September 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

What did the ThinkPad come with that is such a good omen that I can feel that this computer will serve me better than any Dell ever has?

Nearly nothing.

The computer came pre-installed with nearly nothing. Windows XP Pro. Some native ThinkPad applications that help with updates, security, monitor profiles, internet profiles, and more. Actually helpful utilities!!! Utilities that have already come in handy.

No AOL pre-install. No photo editing. No jukebox (other than Windows Media). No heaps of third-party software because the deals with those companies help make this laptop cheap. I used to get Dells and format them right away. I know other people who would start with a Dell and start taking off half of Add/Remove Programs or just reformat. With this laptop, I took off Symantec Firewall and Sonic DVD burner, and I was done. Didn’t reformat. I actually feel trust for this OS install. Somehow.

Thank you, IBM/Lenovo. You actually get that some people want to use a reliable computer. I salute you. :)

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