The “Ove Glove” Could Kill Me

Friday, 27 January 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

There are TV commercials for "The Ove Glove." It’s a glove made of special heat resistant materials so that people who are cooking can grab hot things without being burned. Sounds like a good idea.

But the commercial shows the chef wearing the glove touching the food with his gloved hand. I thought it’d be good to take hot things out of ovens or grab hot pot handles. He’s grabbing the food. That means that this glove could kill me.

I have a very acute allergy to certain fish. I once got an attack because the diner cook had used the same spatula or grill spot to cook fish and then cook my non-fish omelet. That means that if you use the Ove Glove to grab someone’s fish and then grab what you’re cooking for me, I will probably become seriously ill for hours, and there’s nothing I can take that gives me any relief. I just have to sit around in pain until it goes away. If the contamination were enough, I’m convinced that my fish allergy could kill me.

So Ove Glove users and cooks everywhere, please consider that a cross-contamination you considered too small to be a bother could trigger a serious allergy in someone.

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