The Rules Are For Everybody Else

Tuesday, 7 November 2006 at 6:12 am Pacific USA Time.

I was recently forwarded an email that an eBay University instructor sent to her mailing list. This was an eBay Stores mailing list, so it goes through the eBay system (and is subject to eBay’s rules).

The email told people to go to an off-eBay website to purchase her new package of stuff for eBay sellers. It reads like an "internet marketing" site, which sadly always look like scams to me even if they’re not a scam, but that’s another story. The story today is that an eBay University instructor – speaker, author, and self-proclaimed all kinds of things :) – is willfully breaking an eBay rule.

You can’t use your eBay Stores mailing list to send people off of eBay. I notice that her eBay account doesn’t have this item for sale. So what she should have done was put this item in her eBay Store and then promote it through her eBay Stores mailing list.

I encourage everybody who got that email or gets one like it from any eBay seller using the eBay Stores mailing list to report it to eBay. You are not allowed to try to sell things outside of eBay to your eBay bidders or eBay Stores mailing list members. and then click "email us." Help keep eBay a level playing field where the rules apply to everybody.

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