The UPS Guy

Wednesday, 19 April 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

My UPS Guy rules. He was the same UPS guy from my last apartment. He was cool about my loud and boisterous but not dangerous dog. :)

Now he delivers here, and he’s always telling me what’s going on back at the other apartment complex. That may sound boring, but they were converting to condos, and I guess he thought that was good gossip. But he remembered me from place to place.

Today that majorly paid off. I was expecting a package, and it came today. It was waiting for me at the front office of the apartment development. And it was addressed to me at the previous apartment. This isn’t the post office, so it had NO forwarding information. He KNEW. He remembered that I’m HERE now.

That is SO nice of him to deliver it rather than send it back for bad address OR leave it over at the other apartment, where I’d never know it was delivered.

Thanks, UPS guy!

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