They’re Smart For Something!

Friday, 23 June 2006 at 7:56 am Pacific USA Time.

I’m in NYC on a biz/family trip, and I was on a subway yesterday. A young woman got on wearing a navy t-shirt with yellow Hebrew letters. She looked Asian-American, so I thought she might not be Jewish, just statistically speaking. :)

I don’t speak Hebrew, but I have learned to sound letters out. I’m sounding it out in my head, and I finally decide it says, "Michigan." Michigan in phonetics? I tap the girl and ask her if it says Michigan.

Yes! It does, she tells me, and she wants to know if I went there (for university). No, I didn’t. She then tells me that Hillel (the Jewish community at colleges for those who don’t know) was giving them out. I said that’s very clever for Hillel to write Michigan in Hebrew. "Well," she replies, "They’re smart for something!"

They‘re smart for something. Those Jews sure were smart to write something in Hebrew on a shirt!

I wish people could hear what comes out of their mouths!!!

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