This Is A Business?

Wednesday, 27 August 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I got this solicitation in an email. Evidently, once you run a conference for eBay sellers, especially in Vegas, you are emailed and called by just about everybody! I am editing out the company name and leaving the rest of the pitch I was emailed.

I would like to
introduce [company name and URL].  We specialize in attending
meetings and taking comprehensive notes.  We are able to capture names of
attendee’s, comments and questions, and action items that might otherwise not
be captured.  We have transcribed hundreds of meetings and executive-level
conference for Microsoft and other firms since the mid-1990s. Our staff has
experience working in many fields such as high-tech, aerospace, education,
anthropology, legal, and charitable organizations.


And we are ready and able to do this for you.
This fall.  At your conference.

That’s a business? And I loved the dramatic ending. This fall. At your conference. Like OHMYGOD they are REALLY going to send someone who can take notes that nobody else will take? This is amazing!

This is just not that amazing to me. I have been to plenty of conferences, and have thrown one so far. I never remember thinking that I wish someone were officially taking notes so that I don’t miss anything.

We give our attendees the PowerPoint slides, and this time, we are videoing and selling a DVD of our event. So I do not need to hire someone who will take notes, no matter how amazing the notes might be. They would not be more amazing than the content, since they are a derivative form of our content.

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