Threats from an eBay Seller

Friday, 22 February 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

With all the fuss lately, people are forgetting the fact that some eBay sellers are still not giving good experiences to eBay buyers. I do more buying than selling nowadays, so I see both sides. But here’s one for you.

I bought something recently. I was waiting to hear if it shipped. Nothing. I’m waiting. I eyeball my spam filter every day, many times a day in fact, but I get THOUSANDS of spams each day. It’s tough. I miss things. The best way to get through to me is to make sure that when my spam filter emails you back to ask you to verify yourself that you DO IT.

The eBay seller decided they needed my real name for their package. My confirmed address had my business name, and evidently, they wanted a human name. They were evidently emailing me this… but they emailed it to my PayPal address and NOT the address I used when I bought the item. I use a certain buying account because it’s linked to my personal email, and my personal email doesn’t go through my spam filter. They were emailing my business address associated with my spam filter and weren’t verifying themselves when the spam filter came back to say the mail wouldn’t be delivered.

More than that, they were emailing threats. If I don’t email them within 48 hours with my real name, they’ll cancel my order and refund me. No, I wanted this! Second email. They’re going to cancel me within 24 hrs if I don’t email them my real name. Well, I finally noticed these in my spam filter, and I wrote back to them.

I have no idea if that’ll be good enough. You can’t ship to As Was at my confirmed PayPal address? Maybe next they’ll delay my order because they don’t like the area code of my phone number. I read the policies in their listing, and I do NOT remember seeing that they won’t ship a package to a business name.

[ Shipping ]
• Signature required for receipt of delivery (except USPS deliveries).
• Please allow 2-3 Business days for your order to be processed.

• Available for shipping in the US ONLY (including Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico).
• Cannot be shipped to PO Boxes, APO/FPO, Canada or any other non-US addresses.
• We do not process orders/offers/customer service inquiries during the weekend.

I rest my case. I made sure to give them a street address because I READ THIS.

When I ding them for communication and shipping time, I hope they don’t wonder why. I hope they don’t think they got a crappy buyer. If you are emailing the PayPal address and not the eBay account, realise that you could be doing something like this. Use eBay to contact me or email me at the address I used to buy from you. My PayPal address is another story. If you need the address to have a human name on it, put that in your listings. Unlike most eBay shoppers, I read your policies! You weren’t clear enough. You delayed my order because you needed something I had NO idea you needed.

So all the people complaining that eBay changes are going to hurt them, ask yourself what you can do better. Ask yourself why buyers don’t give you better ratings. What expectations are you setting up? What policies did you give them? Did you leave anything out? Did you write so much that I’m unlikely to read all of it? When you emailed your buyer, did you threaten to cancel their order within 48 hours? Communication is within your control. eBay is creating a high standard. How you match up to that standard is within your control.

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