Ticketmaster Convenience Charge

Friday, 27 March 2009 at 2:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Ticketmaster Convenience Charge. I barely know enough four-letter words for you. Ticketmaster is the only company I can think of that surcharges ME for experiencing convenience, and allowing them to use fewer resources and workers. If my clients took work off my plate, I would DISCOUNT our prices because now, we have less work to do on the project!

Ticketmaster Convenience Charge, you are SO convenient that you add often 15% to the ticket price. All of this for the glory of using nearly none of your resources since I'm buying tickets online. I didn't have to talk to a phone rep. I didn't make you rent more office space. You didn't have to hire for my purchase!

And then $2.50 for the TicketFast service or TicketsNow or whatever they call emailing you a PDF so you can print your own tickets. So if you print my tickets and mail them to me, which takes paper, postage, and resources, that's free. But if you use no paper, no postage, and no resources, that's $2.50… AND it comes with a full page of ads. My last one came with a coupon for FedEx Office and the Mexican chain place next to the venue. I bet those people paid to be there. Ticketmaster made money emailing me a PDF of my tickets, first from advertisers, and then from me. I am literally being charged to view paid ads.

The ticket business is down. Ticketmaster, in many cases, is the only place you can get these tickets. I have to get them from you, not go to the show, stand outside the theatre box office, or get them from a scalper, broker, or reseller. And remember that the tickets aren't your only expense. You will pay for gas to drive to the event, and you'll pay for parking. Or you'll pay for mass transit, and sit on busses and subways. You'll probably go out and eat. You might buy a drink at the venue. You might be a souvenir CD, DVD, shirt, pin, etc… There are plenty of expenses tucked into an evening at an event.

$8.50 Ticketmaster Convenience Charge on a $60 ticket (14.2%). $5.95 on a $37 ticket (16.1%). Add $2.50 for the PDF service to a $37 ticket, and you've added 6.8% to the price. Ticketmaster would have collected $8.45 on a $37 ticket (22.8%).

People complain about eBay fees being 10% or 12%, and they should complain. That's HIGH. Ticketmaster is charging more and giving people way less. eBay fees expose your item to millions of shoppers every day. Ticketmaster Convenience Charge does nothing but keep me from buying more event tickets.

If your show didn't sell out in my town, you can thank Ticketmaster for making it 23% less appealing to buy those tickets.

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10 Responses to “Ticketmaster Convenience Charge”

  1. crystal says:

    I feel the same way about ATM fees.

  2. GregC says:

    The worst news is Live Nation charges a service fee to purchase tickets at the venue, the last place to buy at face value and if Live Nation buys Ticketmaster that will be the standard.

  3. TW says:

    $8.50 on a $60 ticket (14.2%)? $5.95 on a $37 ticket (16.1%)? You’re lucky! I just paid $7.45 convenience charge on an $18.75 ticket. Don’t forget the $6 building facility charge and the $2.50 PDF fee. And get this – $4.30 Processing fee! And they didn’t even tell you that until you get to the very last step.

  4. NiNi says:

    I’m outraged by the monopoly that Ticketmaster has. I bought 6 low priced concert tickets ($10.00) in person. Ticketmaster added $3.30 PER TICKET as a convenience charge. That’s over 30%!! I appreciated the low cost of the tickets — but come on — does a 30% charge for TM to “conveniently” make money seem right? NOT!!

  5. concert goer +7 says:

    I’ve been getting weird junk mail lately as well. Does anyone notice this or is it just me? I’m suspecting they’ve also sell our info… =(

  6. DSS says:

    I payed $65.00 for the ticket online. I was aware of the “facility charge” which was $3.50 but wasn’t aware of the outrageous “convenience charge” of $11.70! And then there’s the “order processing fee” of $5.40. I don’t know what the difference between a fee and a charge is but it will make me think twice before using Ticketmaster again. That $20.60 could have bought me a nice dinner. It’s curious that they don’t charge for mailing out the tickets but that probably comes out of the order precessing fee. If the venue wasn’t an hour drive for me and if I knew I could buy in person I would have gone to the box office and bought the ticket saving a large sum of money.
    I just can’t believe that this convenience has to cost this much. I buy on eBay periodically and there’s no fee to me other than what the sellers charge for shipping and handling. If a seller does charge an arm and a leg I go to another seller, unfortunately there aren’t always other ways to buy tickets.
    There are other ticket companies out there that don’t charge ridiculous fees and charges. One has a max of $1.99!
    They prove that you can provide 24 hour ticket service for a lot less. BUT you can’t buy tickets for ticketmaster shows from them.

  7. Wiser says:

    What the fuck? I just went to buy tickets for a hockey game, at $18 a piece, and ticketmaster is charging $5.40 A PIECE for their fucking “convenience fees”! Jesus christ what a fucking ripoff. I can easily afford this but refuse out of principle alone. I would sooner pay it if they simply titled it “fuck you in the ass fee”, at least then they’re being honest.
    But calling it a convenience fee is such a slap in the face. Come the fuck on, at least give me the dignity of telling me how I’m getting fucked to my face. Dont insult my intelligence by sugar coating your bullshit.
    Needless to say I have no intention of buying through ticket master, and instead will purchase directly from the box office on game day. If they are sold out, I’ll just never fucking go there again, and make sure they know they lost a customer by using this bullshit company.

  8. Will Scherman says:

    What can be done about this? It seems like each time I try and buy a ticket the so call called “convenience” that they charge me for increases. Just a minute ago I wanted to see if Pavement tickets were still available and they are asking for $10.20 for a $36 ticket! That’s over 25%! I cannot seem to grasp why arguably the worlds largest online ticket vendor needs to rip you clean in every possible way.

  9. Will Scherman says:

    The fact that artist agree to use this website to sell their tickets sickens me.

  10. matt says:

    Full Price Ticket
    Ticket Price
    US $71.43 x 2
    Price Details
    Convenience Charge
    US $12.05 x 2
    Additional Taxes
    US $3.57 x 2
    US $174.10
    I don’t think I’ll be bringing my girlfriend to see TOOL for the first time…