Tungle Me! (Huh?)

Thursday, 29 April 2010 at 4:56 am Pacific USA Time.

Thanks to Marlene at The Savvy Seller, I recently became aware of a new service called Tungle, which you can find at www.tungle.me.

The idea is that scheduling appointments with different people all using different calendar software (or none) can be annoying. Lots of back and forth emails about is this time good, what about this time, how's this time, etc… Tungle connects with Google, Outlook, and other calendars, and can then know when you are not available. You can also tell it when you tend to be available, like Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm. And you can go into specific days and mark yourself out.

It also understands time marked as "free." I use my calendar a lot to remind myself of things. Like don't forget to pay this bill, or don't forget to send a follow-up email to that guy. If someone wanted to schedule a phone call during that time when I scheduled that reminder, sure I can talk then. I still want the calendar reminder to go off so I remember to do it, but I could still schedule something else there.

So let's say you've bought an hour of training time with me, and you want to schedule that. You could "Tungle Me" at tungle.me/dlev. I can also drop a widget somewhere, like you see in this post. Basically, you're then shown my calendar, but not what I'm doing when. Just when I have marked myself available… as in default available times minus times when my calendar says I'm busy.

I wish they had a tiny widget that could go in email signatures. If I drop this in, it's not exactly clear WHY it says I'm available or not available. It's reading my calendar to tell you if I should be free RIGHT THIS SECOND. Instead, I think the message should be more about clicking to schedule an appointment based on my live calendar… or something like that.

Once Tungle coordinates the appointment with the multiple parties, it adds it to my calendar. My calendar then syncs with Google calendar, which then syncs with my mobile phone and my Lightning calendar (part of Mozilla Thunderbird). The syncs go in all directions, so if I add something to my calendar in Lightning, it syncs to Google. Tungle picks it up, and shows I'm not available at that time.

I think it's worth a try! And if you want some consulting time with me, Tungle Me! :)

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One Response to “Tungle Me! (Huh?)”

  1. Great review!
    I just wanted to thank you for spreading the Tungle love. Much appreciated.