TurboTax Refund Options

Wednesday, 22 February 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I liked this one so much I used it. This was my second year using TurboTax.com for my personal taxes. It’s quick and easy, and I feel it’s worth what I pay to use it. 2005 taxes were especially sticky considering I lived in two different states during the year.

I was due a small but nice refund, and the website gave me an interesting option. Would I like to put some or all of my refund towards a gift card from one or more of certain merchants? Why would I do that? Because each gift card was being offered for less than its face value. What an interesting promo!

As the size of my refund surprised me and felt like found money, I decided to put $170 of it towards a $200 SpaFinder gift certificate. That can be used at any day spa or resort spa in the world that takes the SpaFinder gift certificate. Many famous and fantastic spas here in Tucson take it, so I figured it was something small I could do for myself.

If you choose to use TurboTax, check out the offers for your refund. I think it’s a clever idea, and why not turn $170 into $200. :)

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