Understanding Compound Subjects

Thursday, 22 April 2010 at 4:51 am Pacific USA Time.

Grammar lesson today since I am hearing this one messed up even in TV commercials and in pop song lyrics. Which means most of you are probably messing this up.

Just saw a commercial that had a sentence that went something like, "Getting auto insurance fast and saving money is easy……….."

"Is" is the wrong word there. "Getting auto insurance" plus "saving money" means the subject of your sentence has two things going on. That means the right verb is plural… "are."

You say, "She goes to the store." But when you say, "She and he," it's GO, like "they go" because it's plural. You don't say, "She and he goes to the store." But using a singular verb for a subject with more than one person or thing would be the same!

This is NOT true for subjects with "or." In that case, you match the verb to the person or thing closest to the verb.

"Candy or pizzas are great to eat."  "Pizzas or candy is great to eat."

Try it! It's fun and easy. Easy and fun are what it is. :)

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