Unjust Price Changes, Part 2

Tuesday, 19 May 2009 at 10:47 am Pacific USA Time.

Oh remember my recent blog post on an apartment complex that changes its price every day, and won't honour the previous day's price?

They just called me to see if I'm still interested. The apartment? Oh, it's now $1875/month.

2 weeks ago, it was $1670/mo. A few days later, it was $1765/mo. A few days after that, $1830/mo. They told me that the price changes on demand… but if this apartment is still open weeks later, evidently there isn't that much demand for it!

Nobody has rented this apartment. Yet it gets more and more expensive. That's a LOT of extra money to pay for something that evidently nobody wants. :) Can you imagine if I did that with my services? Let's see… an eBay listing template is $2000, and if nobody signs up for one today, maybe tomorrow it can be $2100! Oh, you heard that yesterday it was $2000? Well, the market changes, and I hope you understand. I could never do that. It's just insane.

That was how they treated me. And they really doled out the info on how I could have locked in the cheap rate much earlier. Once the rate was at $1830, they told me how I could have locked in the $1670 rate. Really! And today, the guy told me that they WILL honour their own prices for 24 hrs. Really! That's not what the manager told me last week. She told me they can't honour any price they've previously quoted because that would be against the California Fair Housing Laws. Drip drip drip is the sound of information. These people always gave me "oh we WOULD have done that if you had said these magic words" days late. FAIL.

So thanks anyway, Avalon on The Alameda in San Jose, CA. The apartment I've picked (from a distance) put their unit and price on Craigslist. And even though the ad was days old, they were willing to honour their own price.

Imagine that. They were willing to quote a price, and stand by it. That made me trust them more, and if I'm going to live under their management, I need to trust them. So I sent them a deposit to lock it in.

Brings back memories of when another Avalon was holding an apartment for me, and then decided to rent it to someone else. Avalon, I think we're done here. My apartment looks much nicer than yours, is in a better area, and closer to public transport. It's brand new and never lived in. And they want $1733/mo.

Speak with your dollar, people. If enough of us do that, it'll work. :)

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Categories: That's Bad Marketing

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3 Responses to “Unjust Price Changes, Part 2”

  1. Alex says:

    Same thing happened when I was on an apartment hunt in NY 2 years ago.
    I would call this an act of desperate brokers, I don’t think they really price it as “The Market changes” but as they need at the time of pricing it, which will kill their own market, mean while places like craigslist and rent.com will steel their market because most people will stick with their prices.
    This is also very close to pricing items on eBay, research the market and stick with a price that you may change once a year, and your clients will come back, that’s how I used to do it :-)
    Alex (GuruOfSales)

  2. Speak with your dollar, people. If enough of us do that, it’ll work. :)

  3. What an abusive price, you’re completely right