Urgent Help Needed With Mozilla Thunderbird

Tuesday, 27 April 2010 at 6:32 am Pacific USA Time.

I'm using Thunderbird for my email. I tried to move my profile yesterday so I could move it to another computer. I didn't delete anything… I only moved it around. But something really weird is happening, and I need help!

Please do not write me to use a different email application. That doesn't help me recover this mail. Right now, I need to recover this email.

Thunderbird doesn't see any of my Local Folders, where I archived important saved mail. When I go into Windows Explorer to look inside the Local Folders for that profile, it only shows me Trash and Unsent. When I use Win Explorer to search for a missing folder, such as one I called !TO DO (to remind me to do things!), I can see this:

So according to Windows Explorer, all of my mail and missing folders are there… but it sees them where they should be, inside the default profile. When I click on one of those and ask Explorer to open the containing folder, it goes to the Local Folders, and only shows me Trash and Unsent. When I try to open the !TO DO.mozmsgs folder, it shows me this:


I have no idea how to get to this mail. Clearly, Explorer sees it there. When I search for email addresses, it sees individual mails. The data is somehow there. Thunderbird doesn't see it. And Windows Explorer only kind of sees it. When I try to grab these files and move them, I get a message saying they are no longer there.

How can Windows Explorer see a 6MB file and then say it's not there? This is REALLY strange. No, I do not have a backup. I only started using Thunderbird a month ago, and this was my first attempt at backing up.

I hope somebody can tell me how to revive this. It seems to be so close, and I can't get to it. I do not want to lose a month of archived important emails!


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One Response to “Urgent Help Needed With Mozilla Thunderbird”

  1. NullApps says:

    I’ve used Linux for so long now I’ve lost most of my skills debugging Windows. But if I had to guess it has something to do with the permissions in Vista/7 .
    http://www.vistaclues.com/reader-question-accessing-the-my-documents-folder/ mentions a different but similar issue where permissions are the problem. The solution there is the one I would try.