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Friday, 18 April 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

If you’re not using Twitter, go give it a spin! We are using it in a few ways, and we invite you to join us on these adventures. :)

What is Twitter? Twitter let’s people write short running commentary on what they’re doing or thinking. It also has business applications since you can include links. Most interestingly, for people/companies you choose to "follow," you can turn on or off text messaging. If you turn it on, every time that person writes something in Twitter, you get a text message.

Another cool thing about Twitter is that for each user, you can see the running feed on who they are following. That means that by people "following" each other, you are rippling out the pool of who sees the messages. That’s free marketing!

There are also outside tools that helps you keep up with "tweets" or send them to your email. So plenty of ways to keep up with people and companies you want to hear from!

The As Was Twitter Feed

  • Notifications of our blog posts.
  • Information about our new innovations and business doings.
  • Get notified a half hour before each of Debbie’s presentations at eBay Live 2008. You may want to turn on Twitter’s text messaging feature for this. We found a lot of people forget when classes are while at eBay Live, so getting a text message about ours should help you show up! :)
  • Updates on what Debbie’s up to. Sometimes it’s not business. :) So get ready for fun!

The RocketPlace Twitter Feed
RocketPlace is still the only conference for eBay sellers at all levels that twice a year will keep you up on the newest and best techniques, strategies, tools, and services to help you grow your eBay business. We’re about 80% focused on eBay, and 20% focused on online selling and marketing outside of eBay.

  • We’re planning the next conference event for September 2008 in Las Vegas. Keep up with our planning.
  • Be the first to know when registration is open, and get a special discount for following us on Twitter.
  • While at the event, get notified immediately about program changes or special things that are going on. You may want to turn on Twitter’s text messaging
    feature for this.

See you around Twitter!

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