Vonage Refer-A-Friend Doesn’t

Friday, 28 September 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I use Vonage. I like Vonage. I use Refer-A-Friend to try to tell pals about the service. When you use it (supposedly) and you friend signs up, you both get some free months. Sounds good to me!

I have sent out 4 Refer-A-Friend emails. NONE of my friends ever got these emails. I have sent two of these emails to addresses that I control, addresses with no spam filter. Addresses I created just to see if the email would come through.

The email never came to my first referral. The email came to my second referral 4 days later. She had already signed up, so I don’t get the credit for that.

I complained to Vonage because I wanted credit for two of my friends signing up. They won’t give me the credit because those people never clicked on the link in the email. Well, they never clicked on the link because they never got the email before they wanted to sign up. No, it wasn’t caught in a spam filter.

All Vonage has to do, especially if I’m complaining to them, is look at the day and time I put them into my account as referred friends. Then look at when my friends signed up… both signed up later that day as they wanted Vonage but were tired of waiting for the email. I referred friends. They signed up. I should get credit.

That bothers me. Either have the programme or don’t, but don’t pretend that you have the programme.

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