We Can Prove That People Can’t Spell

Thursday, 8 December 2005 at 2:09 pm Pacific USA Time.

There is a banner ad running around the eBay site about how you can make money from items that are listed incorrectly. This banner links to a listing where OF COURSE someone wants to sell you some sort of publication about making zillions on eBay. It’s a mile-long listing with all of the usual hallmarks of scams or MLM.

And what about items that are listed incorrectly? Sometimes you can get great deals on eBay because an item is in the wrong category. Maybe the title is lame or has words that are spelled incorrectly. The less an item is found by eBay shoppers, the less likely it is to sell, the more likely that someone who stumbles upon it and wants it might get a steal. I guess this publication wants to sell you some ideas on how to search for these incorrectly listed items. Then you resell them correctly listed, and you make money. I’m guessing that’s the idea.

The funny thing is that this is the ad:

Notice anything interesting? How about "Make $400/dy on Ebay Form Incorrectly Listing Items!"

  1. Dy? How about day.
  2. Ebay is actually supposed to be written eBay.
  3. Form? How about from.

I wonder if the person who made this ad decided to spell things incorrectly to make her point about bad spelling. I’m guessing not as most people who read that might just assume that this is a poorly education poor typist. Bad marketing!

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