We Don’t Support Our Software

Friday, 23 March 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I bought a TV tuner card off eBay. It came from Hong Kong, and it was bundled with InterVideo’s WinDVR3. I installed everything, and had problems. WinDVR3 acted oddly on my machine. I installed everything on my backup laptop, and that was OK, but I don’t use that laptop except as a backup.

I tried to get support for WinDVR3, and InterVideo wrote back (a week later) that they don’t support anything that’s OEM or bundled. So even though I had a real copy of WinDVR3 with a unique serial number, I was able to register it, and somewhere in the price of my card was whatever my seller paid for WinDVR3 to sell it to me, InterVideo won’t support it. I’d evidently have to buy it AGAIN from Intervideo for around $80 to get some support.

No thanks.

I bought Beyond TV from SnapStream.com. This app worked FLAWLESSLY, and has a real DVR interface. It’s just like working with a TiVO. The settings are really flexible, and it’s been recording shows while I sleep. It then has more neat features like ShowSqueeze, which can really compress a file so that it better fits on a portable video device. Clever!

So no problem, InterVideo. Don’t support your own licensed software. Your crappy software and crappy refusal to support it lead me to find something so much better, and I was happy to pay $70 for Beyond TV. I spent less and got SO much more. And guess what I’ll tell all of my friends.

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