We’re Hiring!

Monday, 4 January 2010 at 8:31 am Pacific USA Time.

We are now hiring for our Account Manager job. Click the link to read the whole job description. Here are the highlights.

The As Was Account Manager takes the approved designs that we do, and works directly with our clients to install them. So you’d get policies and links into templates, and get them into the client’s listing software. We can teach you the various listing software systems if you don’t know all of them (and who does!). You’d create and install our “simple” eBay Store designs based on the approved template design. You’d create and install About Me pages and custom eBay Store pages.

Clients often ask for things that are bad ideas based on what we know about how eBay shoppers behave. You need to be able to comfortably tell someone that you suggest they NOT do that, and why. We’re not grunt workers. We’re consultants, and part of why people want to work with us is our great and logical advice. :)

This job requires expert-level Photoshop, HTML, and CSS skills. If you have taken a course on HTML, that may not be enough. We do very complicated coding, and we always do it by hand. You cannot get away with having Dreamweaver or Word code this for you.

And we’d like you to know eBay well! Our Account Managers sometimes get questions about a client’s eBay selling, and we’d prefer if you had some answers. Sure, we can give you some training on how we like the questions answered, but we do not expect to have to teach you eBay!

So if you have great website skills, great client communication skills, and know eBay, we need you right now! You can work from home as long as you have a good, quiet place, and nobody else will answer the phone line we’d set up for you. Pay is hourly, and you’ll be 1099’ed.

Please get in touch ASAP. The job is open right now, and we need to hire right now, even with this being the holiday season. I’m not going on vacation. I’ll be right here working on hiring!

Thanks, and please pass this on so we can reach people with this skill set who may be looking for full-time or nearly full-time work-from-home work.

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