When A Celebrity Commits a Crime

Monday, 11 January 2010 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

A celebrity I used to be a fan of committed at least two crimes that recently hit the papers. One crime was stalking teenage girls in real life (he's 56 years old) as well as on Facebook. The other crime was breaching an order of protection (restraining order) his ex-wife had against him. He's on a roll!

I run the official discussion forum where fans discuss this guy. Nearly everybody who is writing in is outraged by his behaviour. Some of the more diehard fans seem to think either that these crimes never happened, he was set up, etc… That's a very tiny minority.

And I have a unique perspective on this because this celebrity used to stalk and harass me. It got so bad that I reported him to his local police in 2005. That means my take on him being arrested, going to court, or getting 2 weeks in jail is that he deserves it, and at least for two weeks, a bunch of people will feel safe.

His fans obviously hate me. They think I just want revenge on him for what he did to me. Not the case. I think he needs a lot of help, but more importantly, I want him off the streets so he can't hurt anybody else.

But recently, I had a very bizarre tirade launched at me. Someone was very angry about the posts I had made about this guy on the discussion forum. Wasn't clear about why. When I finally got him to explain why out of everybody's posts he was so angry with mine, the answer I got was not what I expected.

The guy was mad at me because he felt that what this guy had done reflected badly on his home country, and by allowing people to discuss these crimes, I'm going to hurt that country.


It's a lovely country. I've visited. I suggest others visit. What ONE criminal does does NOT reflect on a whole country. Just doesn't. Not even close. Nobody in the discussion forum had mentioned this guy's native country at all. I know of nobody connecting these crimes to the country in which the criminal grew up.

I suggested to this angry person that if he is THAT upset about what this criminal did, he might want to contact the criminal. :) Why contact someone he harassed who is HAPPY he got some jail time? You think this criminal is bad marketing for your country? Tell the criminal. Without these crimes, the discussion forum has nothing to say.


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