When a Customer Goes From Awkward to Abusive

Sunday, 4 October 2009 at 4:38 pm Pacific USA Time.

When you sign onto inkFrog, you get some automatic emails during your trial. You get a welcome message from me. You get "your trial is going to expire" and "your trial expired" which still come from the CEO. But if you hit reply to any of these emails, they right now go to me. I help everybody I can. I don't have all the answers, but I do my best.

I got an email last week from a guy who was throwing around swear words, and complaining that nobody is responding to his emails. Well, I haven't seen an email from this guy, and now he's asking for the "fuckers" at inkFrog to help him with "shit," so I write him back that I evidently am the "fucker" he's looking for, and how can I help. I don't hear from him for days.

This morning, I get an angry email from the guy saying he wants to work directly with the CEO, and that I "copped an attitude after he cussed me out." He had more swear words for me, but said nothing about any of his issues. The guy seems to be angry that the form "trial will expire" email came from the CEO, but I wrote him back. So he keeps bringing up emails that say they're from Greg, but he's mad that he's hearing from me.

I feel that it's not only my job to help people, but in all honesty to act as a buffer for the CEO. While I'd like to see this customer get help, I don't need to connect him to the inkFrog CEO so this guy can just be abusive. So I tried again to tell him I'd help him, I don't have an attitude, and as his attitude won't fly with our CEO, I suggested he switch to decaf.

Yes, every customer is important, and sure, not every customer is going to be a match to inkFrog. Yes, we want to give good service, but you have to draw a line somewhere… especially when this is what you get back…

This is the email I got back from this guy, and I got his permission to
publish it. It's so fantastically horrible that people need to see it. You know that the tech issue wasn't a big deal or problem when THIS is the email I get after asking twice for him to tell me what his issues are. I guess he had some sort of duplicate listing issue, but that seems to pale in the light of everything else he's burning to say.

    Well Gee, that's what the email said, " I'm Greg," blah , blah, robot bullshit. I understand that your fielding all the messages. What YOU don't get is you have problems. So your minding the store? Must be since I can reply to YOU, Inkfrog .com or whatever, and YOU answer as usual, not with any constructive help, just the usual pissing match. THE ONLY TIME I EVER HEARD FROM YOU"RE COMPANY WAS AFTER I CUSSED YOU OUT! By then, it was TOO LATE! Were you even back there way back when? So I haven't SUBSCRIBED? Yes I did. Just one of the minor problems. And if I didn't why do I have a password? So I didn't subscribe? GOOD! DON'T TAKE THE MONEY! But I'm done with you. You are not intrerested in fixing anything. Just in keeping Your status quo going. I Dare you to show this to Greg. I know you won't because you're a chickenshit. I'm abusing you? You're the one that keeps contacting me. I DON'T WISH TO SPEAK WITH WITH YOU! I Don't need your site! YOU SUCK!! GOT IT? You're the reason I can't stand women in busiiness. You screw up everything. Why don't you get back to the kitchen were you belong? My attitude won't go over with Greg? I guess not since he'll probably never see the problems. NO one needs you. No matter how bad Auctiva or even EBay is, Your total lack of support until, gee, "the money's not there, What can we do?" PISS OFF!! Comprende'?" Then," Hi, I'm Greg." THAT"S not a Robot?

    Here, try this: Here's a non techie solution to one of your probs'; IF I was to give you the benefit of the doubt that you weren't just ignoring me when it counted, And IF the subscription hadn't gone through, ( why am I not surprised, since I had to LAUNCH each of my three auctions three times to get two to stick. One was a duplicate that had to be erased immediately off of ebay after it showed up at 3:30 in the morning. Glitchy.) But the autobots can send me a countdown on my supposedly non subscription everyday asking for my suggestions which if I reply to by ANY email addy somehow funnels down to, what? Your crap cell phone, Debbie? How about this: IF I were to believe you never got the original emails, And then the 'bots start sending the pat response, why not change the email response addy every time? Didn't hear from the consumer the 1st time? who knows why. We've all created such a techno monster, even the super geeks can't unravel it. Maybe if a swallow flys south from Pittsbugh it wipes out all east coast emails for a week. So the second + third times the bot goes off, maybe it could send that persons response TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS EACH TIME. Maybe that way you'd get it.( getting to be a lot of ifs,) And there's plenty more. I DO NOT WISH TO DEAL WITH YOU,DEBBIE! DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN! YOU FAILED! Show this to Greg.

    Dare Ya,

    Lov, Mike

    P.S. : Are you as turned on as I am right now?

Well, no I'm not turned on. Not at all. Not even close.

I like to help people. If someone emails me, I answer them. I do my best to help them. inkFrog loves its customers, and wants to fix any issues people have. But this is an example of where customer service can only go so far when someone becomes abusive.

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7 Responses to “When a Customer Goes From Awkward to Abusive”

  1. Darla says:

    you’re the reason I can’t stand women in busiiness. You screw up everything. Why don’t you get back to the kitchen were you belong?
    OMG…jaw on floor.

  2. Darla says:

    Oh sorry! That above comment was supposed to be in italics. Didn’t work.

  3. Krazyeric says:

    One thing I’ve learned in 10 years of self employment….there are some customers that I DON’T want. I WANT them to go to my competition – to use, abuse and belittle THEM, waste THEIR time and resources. I’d rather take excellent care of the other 99% of my customers and let that 1% go down the road.

  4. Joking says:

    Sadly, not uncommon. I see customer contact like that every day, and it seems the all encompassing sense of entitlement people have has led to the belief that they get to abuse anyone they want, and expect their butt kissed in return.
    When you go out to eat, or any service environment, watch mow many people get belligerent when something goes wrong. Dinner undercooked? Berate the server. Dry cleaning not back in time? Start shouting at the clerk, that will show them!
    Don’t forget to follow up with “I’ll take my money somewhere else”, because that will make all the difference for those front line employees, especially those who are working for gratuities anyway.
    10% of your customers will always take 90% of your customer service effort. I’m happy to take the time if you have an individual need, the offering isn’t clear, if you’re chatty, or even if you’re just picky and want everything that “special way”. However, no one signs up for abuse, and if your company makes your front line people accept such abuse as part of their position, then the company is just as bad.

  5. Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

  6. CR says:

    that kind of anger makes me laugh. ill always give people like that a shot to just chill out and then see if they really want to deal with the problem or if im just wasting my time trying.
    if it seems like a lost cause I don’t waste any more time than to let them know ive received their message and it’s been passed along to the appropriate department (junk) so I can move on.
    what angry customers don’t realize is that with support, the friendliest wheel gets huge latherings of grease and the squeakiest of them all get thrown in the ‘defective’ pile.

  7. M says:

    What trash.
    I actually just joined inkFrog 1, 2 days ago and am liking it so far. I watched your “Learn the inkFrog Basics” video; it’s been very helpful.
    I hope you don’t encounter very many people like that..
    You’re doing a great job.