When a Restaurant is Sold

Thursday, 29 November 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

One of my fave places in town was sold. I didn’t know. I found out by accident. By eating there.

Oh, the menus are different! Guess they reprinted them. But there is my favourite dish. I’ll have that, please.

And it comes. And it’s really mediocre. And the ingredients are all different. And it’s just not that good.

And I’m apologising to the friend I brought to lunch because I had promised him that this was one of the best meals in our small town. He wasn’t getting why I liiked it so much. I wasn’t liking it so much.

So note to restaurant buyers. You’re not fooling me. You can leave the last family’s name on the awning, but if you’re not using their recipes, I’m going to notice. And if your recipes aren’t as good or better, I’m going to notice.

I’m not going back because it was that bad. Good luck to the new owners.

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