When Did I Become So Dangerous?

Wednesday, 25 February 2009 at 6:35 am Pacific USA Time.

You know me! I've been blogging for nearly 4 years now, right here in this blog. I laugh at bad marketing. I enjoy good marketing. I point at companies I think aren't doing the right thing. I've called out people in my industry. I've called out big international companies. I've called out little local businesses you've never heard of because they were near where I lived. I've even called myself out!

It's what I do, and the about 85% of the point of this blog. The rest would be eBay news and commentary as well as news and info about As Was. Four years of this now. I didn't start doing this this month.

The Emperor Not Wearing Clothes Factor is huge. I like how people who are publicly threatening me want to lecture me in ethics. People blogging to tell me that professionals should stay out of others' business are in my business when they post publicly telling me what to do. :) Bloggers trying to tell me I have no right to comment about other companies where the other companies didn't ask my opinion evidently don't take their own advice… I didn't ask the bloggers' opinions about what I do. :)

Somewhere along the line, I became evidently very dangerous to some people. The people on these missions clearly feel that they need to spend time out of their day posting publicly to get my attention, and get their messages out to me. Evidently, what I've been blogging about for four years was FINE until it was about one certain company. When I blogged about the IMA, they jumped on my bandwagon. When I blogged about Frooition, it wasn't long before they wanted to show up in search for that word too, and there was a topic-less blog post throwing in some names, and magically, some links that had nothing to do with the topic. It's Google-riffic! Yet I was never told any of these posts were wrong. Nobody blogged about what a bitch I am when I told you I don't like the domain registrar Hover.

I have no agenda. I gain or lose nothing when I write a blog post saying look out for tricks my ex-landlord played, or look out for a domain registrar I don't like. I even plan to post poking fun at something I saw printed on a yogurt container! Many people enjoy my posts, and have thanked me for what I have shared or opined. I'm hoping to help people. But when all is said and done, these are my opinions without an agenda.

For those who still think I have an agenda, remember this: I gain nothing when a marketplace fails. I gain something when a new marketplace succeeds because my company can then create services we can do for those sellers. If you are looking for where I can benefit, I benefit when sellers have more places to sell, make their livelihoods, and hire my company to help them with it.

Nobody owns me. Nobody pays me to say these things. eBay doesn't tell me what to say. I get no reward from blogging or posting to forums. I'm not part of a cool club about blogging and posting to forums on a certain topic in a certain way. I don't send people out to blog or forum-post on my behalf. I don't get paid to blog or paid to Twitter. Doing my radio show costs me nothing, so I'm choosing to keep it ad-free for my listeners. I don't have paid sponsors for my radio show, people I might feel like I have to promote or defend.

I just suggest that people continue thinking for themselves. Take a look at what's being said, who says it, and what agenda he or she might have. All of the information you need has been aired in the public. There is no information you are missing to see what is really going on.

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2 Responses to “When Did I Become So Dangerous?”

  1. LOL…in reading your post I kept hearing Bobby Brown’s “It’s my Prerogative” song playing in the background (yes…I grew up in the 80’s).
    I think it is important to remember that freedom of speech/freedom of expression works both ways. The very act of expressing your own opinion will always mean you are opposing the opinion of someone else.
    We all know how to exercise our rights under this freedom. What we haven’t learned is how to respect the right of others to exercise their right.
    FYI- I enjoy your posts…so you keep doing your thang…
    Be Cozy…Be Happy,
    Cozy Daisy

  2. If I hire a painter, I am prone to look at the company that presents the image of a professional painter before I get a quote from the “Will Paint for Food” sign. Even though both painters may do a similar job, my mind has been selectively conditioned by effective marketing. If a professional wants to offer me advice about my company I will listen, and listen objectively. If a professional tells you, “I understand your concept but your inmplemenentation and execcution are distrating for your potention customers” I am going to listen. Remember Henry Ford? He openly admitted he wasn’t incredibly smart, but he surrounded himself with intelligent people and listened! I am thankful that someone in the business world, will take the time to critique my business so I can succeed. We will never hear the critique from the customer that never entered our store.
    I am grateful to have the technology at my fingetips to find business information from professionals.
    Rebecca http://ebay.store.com/Cowgirl_Oasis