When Someone Great Saves The Day

Monday, 31 March 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.


They saved the day for me. I want to thank them, and I want everybody to know how GREAT they are. Thank you PAUL.

So Friday morning, I’m at the gym at 7:30am when I realise that my current company brochures are unusable, and I was supposed to get brochures to ChannelAdvisor in 1 biz day so that they can be put in the attendee bags for Catalyst.

What do I do?

Well, I rip my husband off the treadmill (sorry, honey), and we run home. I’m in a panic. Who is going to print these that fast? He says someone near ChannelAdvisor. I said I’ll start with my current print company. Long story short, my current print company had a noon deadline, and at 11:30am, their website stopped working. Oh it worked well enough to charge my card, but I couldn’t upload my files. So they’ll be crediting me.

But everything happens for a reason. I went to Yahoo Local and looked for printing near Cary, NC. I found Paul’s shop. Paul was amazing. I haven’t seen the printing, but I’m assuming it’s great or good enough. :)

Paul had my job PRINTED before I had even paid. I DID pay, and he put it and his wife on the back of his motorcycle. He offers free delivery in the area, and with the nice weather there, he decided it was going on the bike. Thanks to Kathy Todd @ CA for receiving our last minute package!

We’ll have Paul print our signs too, and we’ll get to meet him today. We land in Raleigh-Durham at 2pm. We should be at Paul’s shop around 3:30pm. I am just so thrilled and grateful. There are great people out there with nimble businesses who are willing to help and get things done. That’s great marketing, and I always appreciate that.

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