Why A Carls Jr Commercial Sends You To Their Facebook Page

Tuesday, 27 April 2010 at 4:31 am Pacific USA Time.

I recently saw another Carls Jr commercial (Hardees for you east coast people). I am used to their web address being on the last screen. But this time, I noticed something that struck me.

They wanted you to go to www.Facebook.com/CarlsJr

If you can control your web traffic, why send them to a website that's not yours? I haven't asked them, but I started asking myself… why would you do that?

I think the main reasons would be the interactivity and how many times you can "touch" someone. If I go to your website, I poke around a bit. I may look at some food or info. I leave, and I have no reason to come back. You have no way to get in touch with me.

If I send you to a Facebook business page that you can "like" (formerly known as "become a fan"), now we're connected. You can write on the wall, and others can respond, making it a community. People feel connected by something (burgers!).

And when Carls Jr has something to say, it's in your news feed on Facebook. As long as you don't unlike my biz page or hide me, you might actually see future messages I have for you. I have a willing, opt-in audience.

And that audience knows how to share what they like. First, when you "like" my page, your friends will see in their news feed that you like the Carls Jr page. They might go there. So this can quickly ripple out. Second, if you see something you think is really fun or cool, you're likely to hit that SHARE button, and pass it to your group of friends.

And what does this cost Carls Jr? Whatever the person who posts and interacts gets paid.

Someone from Carls Jr PR department will be speaking at our upcoming RocketPlace conference about how they use social media… what works for them, what they don't bother with, and hopefully what results they saw from putting their Facebook URL in ads!

Learn more about our conference and register now! Attend both days live and totally online (no travel) for under $50.

PS: Just saw a commercial for Marshalls. It linked to their Facebook page. Get ready for this to become the norm… for a while.

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One Response to “Why A Carls Jr Commercial Sends You To Their Facebook Page”

  1. dogimo says:

    Carls Jr is the SAME as HARDEES???
    Blown mind. I had no idea.