Why Can’t We Just Give Marketing Advice?

Wednesday, 19 December 2007 at 6:00 am Pacific USA Time.

We recently got a call from someone who wanted help with marketing. I looked at her eBay listings and Store, and saw a lot of room for improvement. I wanted to change those listings.

She wanted to know if I could just give marketing advice and not change the listings. Well, what if some of my advice is to change the listings? :) I explained that even if I gave her marketing strategies, Adwords strategies, and website promo ideas, what if we’re driving people to something that isn’t doing the best job making the sale? The sale happens on the item, and I see room for improvement in her item listings. I see room for improvement in her eBay Store.

No, she wants to keep her design and just get the consulting. I wonder who would take on that consulting project. That would be like going to a spa and salon for a total makeover but telling them they have to keep your hair the same colour, same cut, and use the same blue eye shadow that you like. Well, OK we’ll just change what you are OK changing… but then will you really be happy with the results? Could the results have been better if you had been more open to change?

So in general, we won’t take on projects where people just want our marketing or strategy advice. The best advice executed for a website that’s not the easiest to use or eBay listings that could do a better job making the sale is advice that’s likely to fall short. Then what happens? You end up with an upset client, someone who is resentful at what he or she paid for "these results."

That’s why we won’t get involved where we the client isn’t open to changes. I mean hey, if you’re going to hire us for our recommendations, it doesn’t make sense to be closed to some of them while the advice is still free. :) That isn’t the roap map to a good working relationship or trust for our consulting and advice. Someone who wants a new look but the same haircut and eye shadow isn’t our target client. We hope that when these people are open to our ideas for cut and colour that they’ll call back. :)

We think our decision is good marketing for us. I only want to take responsibility for what we do. It doesn’t make sense to put us in charge of marketing what might be someone else’s poor or lacking design (or total mess in some cases). There’s only so much we can polish turds, and only so much we want to be on the hook for the success of marketing those turds.

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