Why I Decided Against the Palm Pre

Sunday, 7 June 2009 at 2:30 pm Pacific USA Time.

The Palm Pre came out this weekend. For weeks, I had the date in my calendar, reminding me to wake up early, and run to a Sprint Store.

Until I did some more digging.

I have the HTC Mogul (aka the 6800), and there is so much I like about it. If I could make it better, I'd have a bigger, sharper screen, and lots more memory. I'm at the point where apps crash because I'm trying to do too much at the same time. So the 64MB of memory that I think is in here just won't do. But it's intuitive, and I love the apps I can get for WinMo (Windows Mobile to the rest of ya).

I went to the Sprint Store and saw the HTC Touch, which is the newer version of my phone. Well, downgrade… they made it SMALLER, and it still had WinMo 6.1. So that seemed like a waste of money. I dug around the internet, and found that they're coming out with the HTC Touch Pro 2, aka the Rhodium, and that Sprint could have it as early as mid-June 2009. Well, I'm typing this on 7 June 2009, so I can wait!

Why not the Palm?

Well, I started remembering my days with Palm's first Treo. Man, that was the worst phone I ever had. So unreliable. It was something new for Palm, they hadn't really gotten it right, and I was a crash test dummy. Or just dummy.

While I hope the Pre is better, I started reading some reviews… both "official" and what people were writing in Twitter. I saw things like, "sluggish," and "doesn't play Flash," and started telling myself that I had it pretty good with Windows Mobile. And if the new WinMo phones have the upgraded OS and way more memory for multitasking, then isn't that really all I need?

And do I really want to re-buy all of my apps? I'm very happy with my apps. I live on TomTom, Photo Contacts Pro, PockeTwit, ProfiMail, Google Maps (with Latitude, in case anybody should care where I am), Skype, Slick, and a few more. Oh and let's not forget the great apps from the SPB people… SPB Pocket Plus, Diary, Weather, and Insight, though I haven't had time to run Insight in a while.

People don't know that WinMo phones can do a lot. We have the Opera browser too, ya know. My ProfiMail app checks 5 POP3 boxes and a gmail account once per minute, and alerts me to new emails. Text messages are in threaded conversations. My camera takes great pics. I can voice dial, and with Nuance's apps, I can even dictate text messages and short emails… great for trying to send a msg while driving for those of us who do NOT want to be typing while driving.   

I can do everything I love to do with WinMo. I just want to do it faster with a nicer screen, and it looks like the HTC Touch Pro 2 will be the best match for me.The Palm might be nice, but I don't want to be the crash test dummy anymore.

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