Why I Don’t Fly From the Tucson Airport

Monday, 23 July 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Here in Tucson, there is always a big push for locals to fly to and from the Tucson airport. Keep your business in Tucson! Use the airport! They are adding more food things there now, and making it a bit nicer.

But it’s still a one-terminal airport that barely goes anywhere. And when it goes somewhere, it’s more expensive than using the Phoenix airport. Take Salt Lake City. I can fly there from Tucson for around $320 round trip, and I have to change in Phoenix. Or I can just drive the 90 minutes to Phoenix, and take a $240 non-stop to Salt Lake City. Southwest Airlines wanted me to change in Los Angeles to get to Salt Lake City from southern Arizona.


Over and over, this is what I see with Tucson. I can get some good flights on Continental if I don’t mind changing in Houston before I get anywhere else. That’s the only time I’ve seen prices cheaper than Phoenix.

So, Tucson Airport, if you want my business, don’t make me change in Phoenix. Give me a good price to get to major airports around here and around the country. Otherwise, I will drive to Phoenix and fly more cheaply and more conveniently from there. Thanks.

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