Why I Wear (Wore) Skates At Conferences

Friday, 18 June 2010 at 5:28 am Pacific USA Time.

Some people know me as the girl on skates. When I attend an event, everybody asks where the skates are.

That's good marketing. You remember me for something, and you feel positively about it. You don't hate me for wearing skates. It's like a good logo or slogan. It helps you remember me.

And given that I'm talking about marketing, having something that anchors me in your head in a good way… well, that's great marketing.

The skates are awesome. If you want your own pair, find them here. http://www.skorpion.com/multi-terrain/intro_3.htm

But I will not be bringing them to conferences anymore. Why not? Two main reasons.

First, they are 10 pounds. With airlines now charging for checked baggage, these guys add significant weight, and I may incur a charge. And man, they take up room in my luggage. So that's tough.

Second, every time I put them on, someone asked me to take them off because I'm some sort of safety risk, fire hazard, or insurance evil. I can't have the marketing effect I want if I am not wearing them.

So I'm switching to new footwear that you can associate with me. Starting at Dev Con last week, I wore my black 20-hole Dr Martens boots. They look like this http://www.drmartens.com/ProductDetail.asp?PID=10070001 and come up nearly to my knees.

I was the girl in the skates, and now I'll be the girl in the boots. Look for me!!!

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Categories: That's Good Marketing

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8 Responses to “Why I Wear (Wore) Skates At Conferences”

  1. timbo says:

    How sexy!

  2. CBB says:

    People might not hate you for wearing skates, but they might for wearing the boots most commonly associated with white supremecists!

  3. I associate Docs with British punks. Anybody thinking white supremacists… well that’s where your mind is. :)

  4. CBB says:

    You don’t have to be a white supremacist to make the association. It’s been ingrained thru pop culture and countless movies. If you go to Wikipedia, the first thing it mentions is their association with skinheads. Wiki’s main link center at the bottom of the article is SKINHEADS. I’m not saying most people will make this association, but plenty will!

  5. Again, I can’t help what people associate with what. When people hear “priest,” some think man of the cloth and some assume child molester.
    I can’t change what people think or assume. I also can’t change everything I might say, do, or wear for the X% of people who might take it in a way I don’t mean.
    I can only say that Doc Martens for me are a punky fashion statement. Anything else is something someone else is attaching to them. I’m not a white supremacist, and if you’re not, then you should know better than to group people together because of something they are or wear. :)

  6. Agreed says:

    Well, I guess wearing skinhead gear is a good way to get remembered.

  7. Quit while you’re behind, whoever you are. And do yourself a favour. Don’t tell a woman raised Jewish that because she wants to wear punk boots that she’s associated with skinheads.
    Who are you that you give a crap about this that much? It’s my freaking shoes. It’s not my politics or anything else.
    It’s not my shoes. Lighten up. Nobody else said skinheads to me. I’m not into Hilter. I’m really not. In fact, I’m against him.