Why I’m Off Twitter

Tuesday, 3 August 2010 at 11:45 am Pacific USA Time.

As of a few months ago, I'm pretty much off Twitter. I still have accounts. Some still have feeds going to them. But I haven't posted anything. I check maybe once a week to see if anybody has @ me. I'll respond to a direct message because I get an email. But that's it.

What happened?

Facebook. Let me explain.

Let's say I post an eBay selling tip to Twitter. If someone responds to it, I don't know about it. You didn't see her response. She didn't see your response. It's not threaded or logical in any way. It's really disjointed. And since I have no idea either of you responded anything, I haven't responded either.

I used to live in front of a Twitter app, waiting for someone to respond so I could respond right back. And it just wasn't happening. It was disjointed. Some people responded days later. It didn't seem like a conversation anymore. And when people do respond, you're like, "What are they responding to? I don't even remember."

Facebook has that mostly solved. When I post something, and you respond, I get an email. When someone else responds, it's there under what I said and what you said… so it's linear and logical. You can respond to my other friends. They see what you said. It's more like a conversation.

I think that building communities is about having that conversation. Facebook lets that happen. Twitter seems to be more of a broadcast, a shouting out there through a toilet paper roll, and not really knowing if anybody says anything back.

So I think I'm done with Twitter. I can't make time for it. I'm having quality interactions on Facebook, both on friends' walls and on business/fan pages. My time is best spent where I'm finding quality interactions. So is yours. :)

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2 Responses to “Why I’m Off Twitter”

  1. Tommy Day says:

    Hope you reconsider and come back Deb. I am at the other end of the spectrum on this. I have become increasingly frustrated with Facebook and use it far more less than Twitter. The games cluttering my wall and endless event invitations are frustrating. The last few weeks I have multiple people inviting to me local fund raisers, political rallies and bike shows all over the country. I really wish people would consider filtering to whom they invite to their events. Ummm no, I dont want to leave Philly for your biker show in Texas on Thursday 😉
    On the flip side, I love how I can create search columns with Tweetdeck on the products I sell. I take 15 minutes each night to review the days search results, engage with the people and try to point them to my blog for answers to their questions..
    Talk soon, Tommy

  2. Hey, Tommy. I am just not getting anything out of Twitter right now. I was on it since April 2008. I had my fun!
    As for Facebook, if the worst thing you can find is that people invite you to events far away, well it still sounds pretty good to me. :)