Why Lenovo Is The Worst, Part 2

Tuesday, 30 September 2008 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Update to http://aswas.typepad.com/hall_of_fame/2008/09/why-lenovo-is-t.html

My advocate called me a few days ago. She looked at my record, and the only thing she could find was that the SWAT team ran the system updater.

That was evidently it. According to her records, my computer was tested and found to have no other problems.

The computer still gets INSANELY hot once you boot it up. I’ll still be in danger of overheating. This is evidently so scary to Lenovo that a low-level tech support once nearly BEGGED me to send in the laptop just to have this fixed. Well, I sent it in, and it’s NOT fixed!

The computer still doesn’t see it’s own Bluetooth device. So I still can’t use Bluetooth because the computer is now on year 3 of not seeing that it has Bluetooth.

Same hard drive. Same parts. My format with my installations, desktop picture, and everything. All the SWAT team did was run the system updater.

I want my money back. Not only has Lenovo sat on my $2500 while I’ve had no reasonably working computer ever, but they have wasted my time. I have spent HOURS alone just talking to my "advocate" at Lenovo. I have spent days worth of time over the last 2 years trying to baby this computer into not failing. They should pay me for my time and patience.

Plus, Lenovo has now taught me that if I have a problem with my computer, nobody will fix it. Tech support won’t help. The low level repair depot won’t fix it. The SWAT team, the specialised higher-level tech support depot, won’t fix it. And I can fight them for YEARS and still be stuck with a non-working machine.

I want my money back, Lenovo.

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