Why I Won’t Buy A Dell Ever Again

Friday, 25 August 2006 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

I won’t buy a Dell computer ever again. I have a Dell laptop and a Dell desktop, and they will be my last.

Thing 1, you have all of my information but you didn’t email me to tell me about the battery recall? You know, the recall that you announced in December 2005 but nobody knew about until the national news picked it up in August 2006? You were just going to let everybody’s laptops overheat and catch on fire rather than tell us to replace our batteries.

Thing 2, the support is ridiculous. You can’t get anybody who can actually help you. If you have a Dell, you know this. It’s beyond outsourcing. It’s outsourcing to people who seem to only care how much you emotionally like them rather than how much they’re actually helping you.

Thing 3, one of my staff has had a problem with his laptop for months. He has a zillion trouble tickets in, and they promised him a replacement. The first replacement they sent was not the spec they had agreed upon. They promised another replacement. That never got sent after weeks. He calls every day, and nobody seems to know anything about this. When they last read him the computer that was going to be built for him, it was completely wrong in a different way than the last one was wrong. They claim it’s being built, but now his reference pulls up no tracking information on the website. He emailed a manager, and nobody has responded.


Thing 4, nothing in that code of conduct is being followed. It’s marketing that now NOBODY believes.

This is ridiculous. Dell’s biggest problem should be fiery batteries. It’s really incompetent staff. I won’t deal with it anymore. I will buy from companies who stand behind their product and can help me.

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