Why Isn’t Anyone Bidding, Part 1

Thursday, 11 August 2005 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

Someone posted to a discussion group I run on eBay asking why he’s not making more sales. I immediately came up with 8 reasons, of which all were bad marketing. How about reporting a non-paying bidder to a collection agency? Some sellers do that and feel that the threat of that makes people pay. However, this seller’s listing was for around $22. You’re going to report me to collections over $22? The listing also said that non-paying bidders would be charged a restocking fee. If I don’t pay you and you never send it, why would you expect me to then pay you to put something back on your shelves that you never took off your shelves?

He also had one of the many painful color combinations you see on eBay.

He had teal text on a light teal background. Can anybody comfortably read this? Maybe because it’s a huge font size.

Then, he had smaller pink text on the same light teal background. This vibrated for my eyes. Ouch!

I’m not sure why people who use interfaces that can write HTML for you them in this direction. What makes them pick unreadable colors and think that it’s a great design and marketing idea? This seller also had misspelled words, which can really lower what eBay buyers think of sellers.

He also had a listing that sold clothing. The images he showed, according to the text in his listing, were NOT of what you would be getting. These were just examples of the "quality" of the merchandise. So you’d buy that and get TOTALLY different items than what you saw. The images also showed people in hats, and the text said the hats aren’t included. Good luck to the visually-based people who actually believe that they’re getting what’s in the pictures. Meanwhile, this guy has totally set them up… he can later tell a dissatisfied person that she didn’t read the listing well enough because he said they wouldn’t get those clothing styles or hats. UGH.

Bad marketing. Don’t be surprised that you’re not making sales!

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