Wrong Time To Solicit

Friday, 23 November 2007 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

A few of my clients have recently been receiving emails and calls from some of the software providers in the eBay space. That may not sound out of the ordinary, but to me, it is.

  1. How are these companies choosing my client? Are the looking for As Was clients specificially, or are they targeting eBay sellers in general?
  2. Do they really think that eBay sellers right now, in the thick of their holiday selling, have time to evaluate and consider a whole new software application?
  3. Do they really think that right now, eBay sellers have the time to change to a whole new system? New ways to list, sell? New marketplaces? New strategies? Right now?!??!
  4. Do cold calls or cold emails really work? I find that when we used to contact people "coldly," they were bothered that someone was writing to them saying that they could help their sales or businesses. They seemed to take it emotionally as if I had emailed them that they were obese and needed a new haircut.
  5. One of the software providers emailed one of my clients some of his recent sales figures, and that he should keep up the good work because _____ (software company unnamed) can help sellers selling over $50K/month. My client wanted to know how they got those figures. Also, that software company has signed eBay sellers who have never sold anything before… so why not tell them to switch NOW? Why tell them that someday, they’ll live up to the software company’s standards, and then they should switch?
  6. These are the biggest companies in my industry. I’ve rarely said these names to a seller and had them say, "I’ve never heard of them." So this can’t be for visibility. We all know who you are. So then what are you doing!!!!

I can’t IMAGINE writing to or calling an eBay seller, especially who is not expecting to hear from me, trying to get them to make a huge business change in the middle of their busiest season, and then telling them that they don’t quite meet my client standards, so hopefully we can work together when they’ve grown a bit more. What the HELL is that?

That’s bad marketing. Let my clients and other eBay sellers get through their holiday seasons. If you’re going to cold call/email these people, at least do it when they have time to pay attention to you.

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Categories: That's Bad Marketing

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One Response to “Wrong Time To Solicit”

  1. lydia says:

    Hi I am ebay seller expertbenefits and I hve had multiple solicitations from England. Although I am not your client, I understand that you are a $3000 charge and for our store and situation and responsibilities that is too much but I admire your work and you are right.