You Can’t Win

Tuesday, 13 December 2005 at 5:00 am Pacific USA Time.

The government has produced this poster about the scams that "foreign lotteries" are. However, I think they’ve missed the point, which is HOW people end up involved in those. OK, if I do those things, I could lose money or be a victim of identity theft. But how do I avoid doing those things?

When I’ve spoken to people who have been victims of phishing emails they believed, they really have no idea what happened to them. All they know is that they got real emails from companies they knew, they did what the email said, and then $1200 came out of their bank account in Budapest. To them, these are all unrelated though you and I know how they’re related. If we’re going to cut down on people falling for these scams, we have to teach them how these are related!

I think this also starts with parenting. I’m all for teaching trust, but there should be a point where common sense outweighs trust. Someone is calling or emailing me saying I won a free prize but they need me to pay them to get a free prize. Hello, common sense!

If that poster is the best our government can do, that’s a major shame. Bad marketing.

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