Your Friends And Followers… Aren’t

Wednesday, 10 March 2010 at 6:55 am Pacific USA Time.

In the early days of Twitter, everybody you followed showed up in your timeline. You had to skim everybody to find the people you really wanted to read about. That lead me to choose to NOT follow everybody who followed me. Social media experts claimed that you'll get more followers if you follow back. Twitter analysis services measured how likely you are to follow someone back.

Well, that's all hollow. If I follow you back but aren't reading anything you say or interacting with you, then what is the "value" of that relationship? Am I getting your messages? Are we being social or networking?

Later, third party applications started helping you create lists and groups. That way, you can have a separate timeline of certain people. I jumped right on that. I barely read the stream of tweets from a pile of people, but I make sure I read everything on my "faves" list. Some are business people, some are friends, some are celebrities.

Same for Facebook. If you friended someone, you had to watch all their junk in the news feed. Now, you can hide applications, and you can hide people.

That means your "friends" and "followers" aren't either. They've hid you. They stopped paying attention. And if they're not reading you, there's nothing you can SAY to get them back… they wouldn't see that message!

It was never a contest of how many followers or friends you can have.That contest on MySpace panned out to be meaningless. The social media winner is the person who interacts and makes people feel interested. The winner is the person who isn't hidden on Facebook, and is added to the list I always read on Twitter.

Be that winner!

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